• Client European Business Brussels
  • Industry Business Politics
  • Agency Lemon Crush & Dasmuse
  • My role Logo & Ad's Design

The Skills for Growth Summit of 2012 was about improving people skill’s to address the many challenges Europe is facing today.

the project

EBS came to LEMON CRUSH with a request to design their logo and advertising posters for the approaching summit

The Summit’s theme ‘Skills for Growth‘ discussed the challenges and solutions that Europe is currently facing such as its aging workforce, the mismatch between the current educational system and youth unemployment, ways to improve education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. They wanted to dynamise young people to grow, to create, to help the economy and Europe by attracting the new makers of the futur.

my role

My role in this important project was to create the graphic identity and logo for the theme subject of the summit

I was interested with the Bauhaus movement for it’s simplicity and geometrical shapes. The bauhaus use’s shapes and colors in design, architecture,... as the foundation to create. The square, circle and triangle; yellow, magenta, and cyan each have a symbolic. I used these to put forward this wish of progression, growth that the summit wanted to put forward.
The logo had to be dynamic, which was thanks to the combination of these basic colors. The shape I found to symbolize all these values and symbolism was the small matrioscka doll. She represent our human side with her form and she represent’s love and generation with what she carrie’s.

Skills for Growth

European Business Summit 2012