• Client Perrier
  • Industry Mineral Water
  • Agency Lemon Crush
    & Dasmuse
  • My role Poster &
    Icon Creation

Perrier is a mineral sparkling water spring
from Vergèze in Gard, France.

the project

Fresh club by perrier is an interactive campaign designed to activate the brands unique experience and community.

The concept, conceived by LEMON CRUSH and designed by DASMUSE, was a interactive community online game, that lived for 1 whole year. Keeping members to their breath’s to win great prizes and participate to the Perrier experience throughout party’s, trip’s, famous tennis tournaments and many other sponsor’s great gifts ! The digital campaign led the members, through the ingenious use of Qr codes, to navigate a great website, a dynamic Facebook and twitter page and a great smartphone application.

my role

My role in this interactive and fun project was to design a poster ad to attract the players to search and scan the QR code’s

The fresh clubers would receive pictograms by scanning QR codes, they would have to fight against the clock and many other hungry users for prizes! Clever exchange would allow members to get more than 600 pictograms and try to obtain the gift’s they most wanted throughout the year and activate the Fresh Club’s community. The amount of pictograms to produce was huge, so with other designers, I worked on several pictos that the Fresh Clubbers could find on posters, leaflets, coasters and many other supports!

Fresh Club

Interactive Campaign of Perrier

How to play ?